Activity: Reenact Ration Card Shopping with Kids

Early last Saturday morning, I got in my van alone and braved a rare Washington blizzard to pick up a few items from the grocery store. What I saw in the midst of the COVID-19 virus panic shocked me. At 5am, the parking lot was already full, the shopping carts were almost all being used,Continue reading “Activity: Reenact Ration Card Shopping with Kids”

Activity: Make a Cut-Out Character with Traits

In a rare, quiet moment last Sunday, when my six little kids were off either wrestling or dressing-up, I took an ancestor’s biography off the shelf to see if I could find any neat stories for my next family history activity. I was blown away when I began reading about this ancestor, about whom IContinue reading “Activity: Make a Cut-Out Character with Traits”

Getting Ready for Roots Tech

RootsTech–the world’s largest family history conference–is next week in Salt Lake City! Jonah and I will be there as exhibitors with a very fun booth. Stop by if you are in the area! Our booth will have ideas for family history activities with children, a photo booth with funny family history props, lots of candy,Continue reading “Getting Ready for Roots Tech”

The Genesis of our Powerful Parenting Tool

I want to share with you an incredible parenting tool that we stumbled upon back when we lived in Arizona. Those summers were unbelievable: you go to a covered park at 8am (right before it reaches 100 degrees) trying to “get your kids’ wiggles out”, but they aren’t even wiggly yet! Come 3:00, you’ve playedContinue reading “The Genesis of our Powerful Parenting Tool”

The Power of Family Stories

I had the opportunity recently to speak to a group of MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). I love these women! These are mothers in the trenches right now! They are always the targets of parenting books, millions of parenting books. I’m not an expert on parenting, but I FOUND A SECRET WEAPON! Family stories! Family storiesContinue reading “The Power of Family Stories”

Turning Little Hearts the book!

Alright, this is really happening! Cedar Fort Publishers has agreed to publish “Turning Little Hearts: 80 Activities to Connect Children with their Ancestors” in January 2020! Deseret and Seagull books will also carry the book on their shelves! We are very excited! We just hope more people are reached by this book. We want moreContinue reading “Turning Little Hearts the book!”

What was grandpa’s work?

Explaining careers can be hard. But dress-up helps! We told out children that their grandfather (now deceased) was a professor of architecture. That made about as much sense as eating vegetables… So we added some funny clothes and a pointer … The details are less important, but the point is: our children got to pretendContinue reading “What was grandpa’s work?”