Rootstech in Review

We hosted a booth at Rootstech in Salt Lake this year to promote our book and its fun ideas. It was our first time ever attending the world’s largest family history and genealogy conference, and it was amazing! There were over 25,000 people from all over the country gathered in one building to rejoice over our favorite topic. There were famous experts, enthusiastic bloggers, giddy grandparents, and wide-eyed newbies (just like us).

We transformed our empty black booth into a colorful stopping place for attendees. On the first night, we were swamped with youth groups posing at our ancestor-themed photo booth. For the next three days, we were gabbing and selling at the booth non-stop. This book is the first of its kind and people were excited! Young parents were happy to have family history activities to do WITH their children. Grandparents were thrilled to get gifts for their grandchildren. Family history consultants, youth leaders, and primary teachers were looking forward to using the activities with their respective groups. Our favorite people were the ones who bought a book one day, and then came back the next day saying, “I took a good look through the book last night, and I had to come back to buy more to share!”

Before the conference began, we dropped by our publisher’s office in Springville and finally met all the amazing people we’ve been calling and emailing for over a year. Cedar Fort’s CEO, Bryce Mortimer, said that his mission with this company is to change lives, and he and his staff work so hard to do that. It feels great to be a part of this team.

We stopped by Seagull Book and found Turning Little Hearts on the shelf! Seeing our book squashed in between famous authors whose books we know and love was amazing.

Wish you had been there at Rootstech? Watch these short videos of us at the booth.

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